Why Choose Us

Company’s profile

Marina Frozen Fries Co SAL is one of the known frozen fries manufacturers. Marina is dedicated to provide the highest quality of products that can compete international standards. The expertise, the passion to always be one step ahead, the products’ quality, and the quick response to market’s opportunities have led the company to a steady and sustained development.

From Farm To Fork:

MARINA Frozen Fries, under the supervision and professionalism of its Agricultural Engineers, controls the planting of potatoes from Soil, land preparation to Growing and fertilization, its activities are managed by the Global Gap system (Good Agricultural Practices), which controls the level of insecticides and the quality of water, also manages the treatment of Pests and diseases to finally provide a first class quality raw material.

Food Safety

Food safety always comes first at Marina Frozen Fries. We do all we can to guarantee this. Food safety starts at the source to end at your plate. To ensure that, Marina Frozen Fries uses wide range of modern technologies and laboratory tests to prevent any defects at the end product.
We are ISO 22000 certified, also last but not least we are YUM certified which allows us to be supplier of international brands and accounts.