Our Responsibility

We Deliver Quality and Food Safety

What we care about is your safety and health: Control steps and laboratory tests are performed on daily basis using advanced machines and accredited methodologies to perform our physical, chemical and Microbiological tests to confirm the safety of our goods, Daily Tasting panel’s take place to make sure the texture and taste of our products will meet your expectation!
Not only are our laboratory results great! External auditors and legal parties along with accredited laboratories confirm as well the safety and quality of our items.

Social responsibility:

Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the processing activities and the ecosystems, so why our processes are done with utmost care to prevent environment pollution through waste treatment and good practices of segregation.

Our Values

We Live Our Values While some people might expressly publish their core values, the best way to identify values is to which how they act and behave!

  1. We perform humidity tests
  2. We check color and texture
  3. We confirm the taste