Why Choose Us

From Farm To Fork:

Marina Frozen Fries is an established frozen fries manufacturer and processor. Marina Frozen Fries is situated in the Beqaa Valley, one of Lebanon's most productive regions for growing and processing potatoes. This allows the company to oversee land preparation, planting, growing, and harvesting.

World class manufacturing

We plant and store our own raw materials to ensure potato quality all year round. By making use of the best high tech machines, we produce varieties of pre-fried frozen fries with high quality throughout the throughout the whole process.

Quality Always Comes First

At Marina Frozen Fries, we ensure that every step of the process is adequately completed and tested. We make sure to evaluate the output on a daily basis by using modern analytical testing tools to monitor the quality of our full range of products are AAA graded, in line with international standards.

After Sales Support

It is our duty to ensure our products meet our customers' expectations. Our sales and quality teams are there to provide you with the needed support in a timely manner and ensure your satisfaction.